Daybreak Travel Guru Scott McMurren offered some valuable tips when bidding on hotel rooms and rental cars on travel bidding sites, like Priceline.


“You’ve really got to know what you’re doing and this is part of the ‘gamefication’ of travel,” McMurren said. “If you check the bidding sites and then go to Priceline, sometimes you can get some real good success, especially if you don’t care where you are staying.”


Priceline Hotels:

    • You pay everything up front and it’s completely non-refundable.


    • You don’t get to pick the hotel.


    • Narrow your search: the best deals can be found for four- and five-star hotels.


Priceline Rental Cars:

    • Priceline only works with major brands: Hertz, Avis, Budget and National.


    • Keep in mind: It pads your bid with mandatory taxes and fees (Hotel rooms too).


    • Be careful if your first bid is rejected: Priceline will come back and offer you an increase to your bid. Think about it before you actually hit the button.

Other sites to consider: