On average, the U.S. Travel Association says Americans now take just 16 days off from work every year. That’s the lowest number in the last 40 years. How do we reverse the trend?


Tuesday, Visit Anchorage president and CEO, Julie Saupe, joined Daybreak to talk about a new initiative by the Travel Association, called “Project Time Off.”


“The goal is to really remove the stigma associated with taking time off as Americans,” said Saupe. “For some reason, we hesitate to do it in our work lives. And the goal is also to reinforce all the positive benefits of taking those days off — things like personal health, better relationships and, believe it or not, ironically, it’s also work productivity. By taking time off, we find a more productive workforce.”


In some cases, upper management may be to blame for your lack of time taken off, Saupe said.


Watch the video above for all the perks to taking time off from work.