With the state grappling with a massive deficit, low oil prices and the loss of jobs in the oil industry, tourism has never been more important. That’s why a special travel-related event later this month couldn’t come at a better time.


Tuesday, Julie Saupe, the President and CEO of Visit Anchorage joined Daybreak to talk about Alaska’s first “Go-West Summit.” It’s an annual meeting for destinations in the western United States to show off their products and develop new business with international buyers and sellers. Saupe compared it to “speed dating.”


“It’s a 12-minute date,” she said. “And so between the operators and suppliers who will be meeting, they might be actually signing contracts at that moment if they have an existing relationship. Or they will be scoping each other out, like you do in speed dating, to see if there’s future business to be found with one another.”


Watch the video above to learn more.



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