A little-known travel package offers Alaska families a chance to see the Lower 48 and drive the Alaska Highway.


The “Spring Adventure Package” is offered in mid-May at Great Alaskan Holidays in Anchorage.


“Travelers meet at the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa, pick up their RV and then drive to Alaska,” said Erin Kirkland of AKontheGO.com. “The company bases their fee on an 11-day return to Alaska, offering 3,900 free miles. Most people add days like we did, to take advantage of sightseeing along the way.”


Kirkland and her family returned from that trip on the Alcan a few days ago.


“You know, you cannot express to kids just how far away Alaska is from the Lower 48 and how large the United States is until you see it from the ground,” explained Kirkland. “We’re so used to popping kids on an airplane, and we get off and we’re in another state. This is a completely different way to capture a slice of our culture.”


With fuel prices down this summer, Kirkland said the trip was well worth it.


“Doing the math, even though we needed to fill up nearly every day, the cost of a hotel for four people would have still been more,” she said. “We prepared our own meals in the large kitchen, were able to shop locally, get to know each town we visited, and that in itself was a valuable experience for the kids.”


If you’re new to driving the ALCAN, Kirkland recommends you heed the advice of The Milepost.