A new flightseeing tour is now making it easier than ever to take a tour of Alaska’s largest city from a floatplane.


“Talk on the Dock” is an opportunity to learn from an experienced pilot about what it’s like to fly in some of the most remote parts of Alaska, and take off from Lake Hood in Spenard. And it only costs $30.


Tuesday, Carol Fraser, the general manager of The Lakefront hotel, and Dave Oberg, chief pilot of Regal Air, joined Daybreak to talk about the downtown flightseeing tour. Oberg said it’s a fun experience that both visitors and locals can appreciate.


“I really like that it gives people an opportunity — an inexpensive opportunity — to go on a floatplane, learn about the aircraft we fly, a little about what we do, then just take a quick trip,” Oberg said. “A lot of people that we see have flown in wheeled planes, never been off the water. It’s a different experience.”


Talk on the Dock starts at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at The Lakefront dock on Lake Hood. Access to the dock via the hotel is at 4800 Spenard Road.