You can get a slice of some of the world’s cultures this month, all without leaving Anchorage.


According to Julie Saupe, president and CEO of Visit Anchorage, there’s a handful of events to sample cultures from around the world, including food and dance. Saupe said the events help families “start locally” — getting exposed to new foods, art and cultures without leaving their hometown.


“You might even discover that next destination that you want to visit by starting locally,” Saupe added.


First on her list is an exhibit called 61° Studio at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmusen Center, showcasing graphic design of northern countries. Some of the art is from places like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The museum is also having a Wells Fargo Free Day on Dec. 18, starting at noon.


Saupe also highlighted a pair of craft bazaars happening this holiday season. According to Saupe, bazaars are a great way for kids to discover other cultures through food and crafts.


“It will give you a sense, really, of maybe the folk art of a different destination,” she explained.


One of the bazaars takes place this weekend, Dec. 17 and 18, at the Northway Mall. The other is on Saturday, Dec. 17, at the Highland Academy Charter School, which is located inside the Anchorage School District Education Center near the intersection of Northern Lights Boulevard and Boniface Parkway.


At the Loussac Library, Welcoming Anchorage is hosting an event called “Tradition Tuesday.” Saupe said the goal is to highlight the heritage of different cultures and create a dialogue about current events in different societies. She said it may even get families interested in vacationing to another country. The next event is on Dec. 20, with 2017 dates to be announced soon, according to the Municipality of Anchorage website.


There are even some opportunities to get into folk dancing at the library. This week the highlighted cultures are Balkan, Greek and Israeli. Anchorage International Folk Dancers will host dances every Wednesday this month. The next time to catch that is at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at the Loussac Library.