Alaskans gearing up for that summer road trip may want to consider a recreational vehicle (RV), or motorhome. AK on the GO’s Erin Kirkland said there’s plenty of reasons to get one for a vacation. Kirkland says it’s a dry, warm place to sleep with lots of space.


There are some things to consider before renting an RV. Kirkland mentioned that families should think about safety, like seat belts or if one of those family members needs a car seat. Another is cost, ask what is included in the base rental fee, like mileage. Kirkland also said to inquire about extras, like bedding, or pots and pans.


Another item to consider is where to go. Kirkland recommends getting a copy of The Milepost. She said the publication has a list of every campground, public and private, road maps and what people will find when they get to their destination.


AK on the GO has partnered with Great Alaskan Holidays to inform more families about how to get started with renting motorhomes. There are a few other places to rent from as well, like ABC Motorhome Rentals and Cruise America to name a few.


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