Traveling Alaskans will notice some new travel trends, inspired by technology or catering to healthy lifestyles. Julie Saupe, the president and CEO of Visit Anchorage, said most of the new trends start with hospitality. For example, in the Ted Stevens International Anchorage Airport, travelers can get a haircut or spa services inside the terminal. She added other airports have rooms for yoga or meditation and even gyms, like at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.


A recent trend for cruises could be called a wellness wave. Saupe mentioned the mantra is slim, not sloth. For example, cruise lines have added stationary bikes that could face the sunrise, even outdoor running tracks. She added there’s also fitness and wellness experts on board, and cooking classes.


Another trend is the destination. Saupe says that 25 percent of people are requesting places where they can unplug from the digital world. Hotels have added technology to aid travelers. According to Saupe, some of them have apps to skip the line while checking in or out. Some places have voice recognition options to turn up the heat, open or close blinds even call for room service.


Technology has been added to luggage as well. Saupe said luggage makers are adding batteries for charging mobile devices and bluetooth scales to avoid that 50-pound limit on airplanes. There are even trackers so travelers can find their luggage through a smartphone app.


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