The Alaska Airlines’ Club 49 will be giving away 250,000 airline miles throughout the month of June during its Summer Sweepstakes.


Scott Habberstad with Alaska Airlines said miles will be given away every week starting May 30. In the first week, 20,000 will be given away, 30,000 in the second, 40,000 in the third and 50,000 in the fourth. One lucky Alaskan will win the grand prize of 110,000 miles. Habberstad says the grand prize winner will be announced live on the radio. The contest ends June 24.


There are a few requirements, according to Habberstad. To enter, Alaskans will need to be 18 years old, be a Club 49 member and agree to the official rules. Alaskans will only need to enter the sweepstakes once to win miles that are up for grabs.


You can sign up and learn more at the Club 49 Facebook page.