ANCHORAGE –It isn’t often that you get something for free, but that’s the case with a program called Pets for Life that’s run by the Alaska SPCA.

Pets for Life offers free health care for pets including spaying, neutering and vaccinations in some under served neighborhoods. If pet owners don’t have transportation to the clinic, the program can even pick-up and deliver.

SPCA Executive Director Kay Ashton said Pets For Life operates on a different principle than traditional “animal rescue”.

“A lot of times we’d see a dog in a home and maybe it was underweight or something and we’d think, ‘oh we have to take that dog and find it a better home,’ well that’s not true,” said Ashton. “That dog is probably very well loved by its owner and its family so we want to keep that dog with its family and provide services that make it better for them. We don’t want to take the animal away.”

Pets for Life is funded by a grant from the Humane Society of the U.S. It currently operates in Mt. View and several trailer parks around Boniface and Bragaw.

Only residents in those neighborhood can qualify for free services, but the SPCA also offers low cost services for anyone at their clinic.

For more information on the Pets for Life program, you can call 907-529-1530.

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