If you’re a dog owner, your dog is probably the best dog, to you. But this weekend, hundreds of dogs in all different shapes and sizes got to compete to earn the title, as the Alaska Kennel Club’s hosted their annual June dog show at Service High School.

“We have these living pieces of art that we keep in our homes, and we love them, and manicure them, and brush them to make sure they look fantastic, and then we bring them here, and we show the best of the best,” said Ruth MacDonald with the Alaska Kennel Club.

She says participants are driven by the desire to know their dog is the best representation possible of its breed, and Alaska is home to a surprising number of rare breeds.

“We are now the caretakers of our breed,” MacDonald said. “Many of these dogs, there are not many of them around.”

Not all dog owners at the competition were as dainty with their canines.

“They’re definitely my pets first. We go out and do things that most show dog people don’t do, you know, like playing in the lake and things that are not good for their coat,” said owner Patrice Weinmeister, whose 7-month-old Briard took home Best Puppy in Show.

MacDonald says while competition is a fun hobby, at the end of the day, the real prize is a friendship.

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