The Anchorage Fire Department has given the green light for two fireworks shows on the Fourth of July. One will be held at Mulcahy Stadium in Anchorage, the other at Eagle River Lions Club Community Park in Eagle River.

Fire Chief Denis LeBlanc said residents need to remember that fireworks are still illegal in Anchorage for individuals to use and that the fire danger remains high.

“We’ve seen the tremendous destruction in Fort McMurray, Canada, we see the current destruction that’s happening in California,” LeBlanc said. “And that could very really happen here.”

Firework sales in Houston are legal, but using them in Anchorage and almost anywhere in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough is not. LeBlanc said he’s particularly concerned about mortars and bottle rockets that could land on someone’s roof or in someone’s yard.

“You have no control where they go and those burning embers with any wind at all could ignite,” LeBlanc explained. “Our best response time is six to eight minutes, and a lot can happen in six to eight minutes.”

LeBlanc said people caught using fireworks in the municipality face fines of $300, as well as confiscation of the fireworks. If someone starts a wildfire, they could also be liable for any damages as well as costs to fight the fire.

The best way to enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July is to leave it up to the professionals, LeBlanc said.

In Anchorage, Mulcahy Stadium will have fireworks following the second game between the Anchorage Bucs and the Anchorage Glacier Pilots on Monday, July 4.

Eagle River Lions Club Community Park in Eagle River will have fireworks at 11 p.m. on Sunday, July 3.

Whittier and Seward will hold fireworks shows at midnight on Sunday, July 3.

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