A humpback whale that washed ashore in Kincaid Park is still there.

High tides that lapped at the shoreline below the bluffs, near the motor cross track, have failed to move the giant carcass. But in the nearly seven weeks since the whale washed up it has deteriorated considerably.

Bones are showing and the body appears to be melting into the ground.

According to Anchorage Parks Superintendent Josh Durand, several groups are interested in salvaging the skeleton for display. But Durand said the plan is only in the “talking” stage since there are big challenges, the biggest of which is how to remove the massive bones that sit near the bottom of a 250 foot bluff by waters that are too shallow for most boats.

Salvaging the whale bones would require a special permit from federal officials since the animals are considered endangered.

A spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said for that reason it is also against the law for private citizens to touch or remove any of the bones.

Humpback whale carcass at Kincaid

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