The Municipality of Anchorage is creating its first “bicycle boulevard” on a stretch of 10th Avenue along the Delaney Park Strip.

Bicycle boulevards are streets with low motorized traffic volumes and speeds, designed to make bicycle travel a priority, according to the municipality’s non-motorized transportation coordinator Lori Schanche.

“Tenth Avenue will be the street that bicyclists want to travel on,” Schanche said.

By next summer, drivers will notice new signs, pavement markings and other measures along 10th avenue letting them know that it is a designated bike-friendly area.

But perhaps the biggest change has to do with parking.

Right now, Schanche said most people simply pull into the angled parking stalls along the park highway, but soon they will be required to back in.


“As you’re parking, you’re backing up so as you go out you can better see bicyclists and pedestrians,” Schanche said.

The municipality will be reconfiguring the parking spaces in the coming weeks. The project will be done in three phases and each phase will take two days.


For now, Schanche said the bicycle boulevard will run the length of the park strip, but eventually the municipality’s plan is to extent it into Fairview.

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