Anchorage’s homeless coordinator said she is optimistic there are fewer homeless people living in the woods and on the streets of Anchorage then there were just a few months ago.

Nancy Burke helped coordinate Anchorage’s second homeless count of the year, which took place Wednesday morning. She said the first count, conducted in late January, found 87 people living outdoors. Since then the city has made an aggressive push to get people out of homeless camps and bring them into shelter, with the goal of finding permanent housing.

“We’ve been working on the camps all summer doing outreach, communicating with people, trying to coordinate them with resources,” Burke said. “There’s new housing vouchers that have just come out this fall starting in August, so we are helping people apply for those and we’ve been asking them to go to shelter where we can find them easily and connect them to services.”

Burke said about 120 volunteers turned out for the count Wednesday morning. They were split into teams and instructed to search specific areas across the city. According to Burke, early reports suggest the numbers are down, but Burke said official results will be available in a few days.

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