The Anchorage Police Department has released the names of the six officers who fired their weapons during a standoff on Hillside that last more than 40 hours.

The officers are Robert Wurst, Sgt. Steven Childers, Matthew Barth, Daniel Henegar, Jason Penman and Seth McMillan.

“It was unknown during the time of the shooting whether any of the officers’ shots injured the barricaded shooting suspect, 69-year-old Robert Musser,” APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said in a statement. “The investigation into the standoff and Musser’s death is still ongoing.”

The cause of Musser’s death has not been released. Police said in an earlier statement that he was dead in his home when the standoff ended. The State Medical Examiner’s Office has taken custody of the body and will conduct an autopsy.

“Because the officers discharged their weapons, this is considered an Officer Involved Shooting investigation,” Castro wrote. “Per department policy, these officers were placed on four days of administrative leave.”

The Office of Special Prosecutions is investigating and will determine if the officers’ use of force during the standoff was justified. APD’s Office of Professional Responsibility is also investigating whether their actions were within department policy, according to Castro.

Two others incidents in which police fired shots at a suspect have occurred this year — the shooting death of Benjamin Zekovic, who wielded hatchets and axes at police, and the shooting death of Herman Bean, who allegedly charged at police with a knife. Officers in both cases were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Police have not stated whether shots were fired at another standoff on Misty Springs Court that took place during the same time period as the Hillside standoff. The suspect in that case was taken into custody unharmed.

KTVA 11’s Daniella Rivera, Sierra Starks and Megan Edge contributed to this report.