With Election Day on Tuesday, one Anchorage woman is going above and beyond to make sure everyone remembers to vote. You might have seen an exceptionally patriotic RV around town in the last few days. It’s Alyse Galvin’s way of getting voters attention, with a positive message.

With red, white and blue balloons, music, along with free candy and hot chocolate, it’s hard to miss her “party bus.”

“I was feeling so down and negative about all the stuff that is going on that is negative and I thought, ‘Gee, that probably is gonna stop people from even wanting to vote,’ and I wanted to do something positive with my energy,” she explained.

She says she and her friends are taking turns driving the bus around Anchorage and spreading the word.

“[We’re] trying to make it feel like a party, like it’s okay,” she said. “We’re lucky, let’s enjoy it. Let’s just do it, we only have a few more days. Let’s just make sure we all vote.”

And it seems to be working.

“You can’t miss it so, you know, that’s a good thing,” said Timurphy Andrew, who hasn’t voted yet, but says he will after visiting with Galvin.

Galvin says she’s had nothing but positive experiences along the way, even though some people are standoffish at first.

“I feel like they’re bracing themselves for something,” said Galvin.

She says the group is being careful to not tell Alaskans who to vote for; they’re just urging them to take advantage of the opportunity.

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