On Monday morning, passersby may have noticed a small ballon on a light pole at the intersection of 88th Avenue and Jewel Lake Road. It was tied there by a young girl in tears at the loss of her one of her best friends.screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-6-36-31-pm

The night before, family members said 10-year-old Kaliyah Douglas and her older sister were walking to the Holiday gas station across the street when Kaliyah was hit by an SUV. She died later that night in the hospital.

Her mother, Jessica Smith, said family was by her daughter’s side.

“She was still breathing so I went into the room,” Smith said tearfully. “I think she was saving her last breath for me. Her heart started dropping and I said my last goodbye to my baby.”

Smith said her daughters were very close and that they often walked to the gas station, which is just around the corner from where they live with their father.

Smith said she is still in shock and can’t believe her baby is gone.

“She would text me every morning, and just this morning I wanted to text her, but now she’s dead, she’s gone,” Smith said.

Kaliyah was a fourth-grade student at Chinook Elementary School. Those who knew her say she loved to sing and dance, had a warm heart and a great smile.

A small memorial of flowers and teddy bears formed at the intersection where Kaliyah Douglas was hit.

“It’s just been real heavy on my heart this morning,” Leanne Blanks said while placing flowers near the crosswalk. “My little girl is going to be 10 in a couple weeks and I just can’t imagine the pain that her family is feeling.”

Crystal Girves, who lives just down the street from the scene of the crash, said something needs to be done to make 88th Avenue a safer place for children.

“This road on 88th belongs to them. It belongs to kids,” Girves said. “We have two schools on this road and no speed bumps.”

Police said the driver who hit Kaliyah remained on scene after the collision and was cooperative with police. As of Monday morning, no charges or citations have been issued. Police said what lead up to the crash remains under investigation.

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