ANCHORAGE — A police officer wounded on duty gets to spend Thanksgiving out of the hospital with his family, the Anchorage Police Department announced.

Officer Arn Salao was shot multiple times by a suspect in downtown Anchorage on Nov. 12. APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said she was happy to share the news that Salao was released from the hospital Tuesday to continue his recovery at home.

“He is very thankful to spend the holiday out of the hospital and with his family,” Castro said in an email. “The community’s support has just been absolutely phenomenal and Officer Salao is thankful for all of the support.”

Castro said some of that support came from some of Anchorage’s youngest residents at Scenic Park Elementary School, where a handmade banner covered with notes of encouragement was hung up.

In a Facebook video, Salao personally thanked all those who have supported him and his family since the shooting, as well as those who’ve supported his fellow officers.

So far, a YouCaring fund set up by the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association for the Salao family has raised more than $20,000.