The Anchorage School District is reporting an unusually high number of crashes involving school buses over the past few weeks.

Chuck Moore, head of pupil transportation for ASD, said there have been eight crashes since mid December. In every case it was a driver that hit a school bus, almost all with students on board. No serious injuries have been reported from the crashes.

“I don’t want to use the word epidemic but its almost becoming an epidemic,” Moore said.

Moore said almost all the crashes have involved people driving too fast for conditions. He said when conditions are poor, drivers should also be keeping plenty of distance from the bus.

“In the weather conditions that we are having, you should be at least four car lengths behind a school bus. Understanding as well, that if you aren’t at least two car lengths behind the bus, the school bus driver cannot see you,” said Moore.

Moore said damage estimates from recent crashes “is in the tens of thousands of dollars.” He said in most cases the responsible driver is expected to pay, but there are times when the district shoulders some of the costs.

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