It’s a familiar sight for Anchorage property owners — those little green assessment cards have started appearing in mailboxes. But this year some homeowners may get a surprise. For the first time in recent memory, some property values have declined.

Municipal assessor Bryant Robbins said it’s happening mostly on the Anchorage Hillside, where homes lost an average of 2.1 percent in value. Even so, he cautioned, it isn’t all homes, and the city still considers the real estate market in Anchorage to be healthy.

“There’s still strong demand for the majority of the real estate, particularly for the smaller and less-expensive properties,” Robbins explained. “The one area we saw a little softening in the market was in the larger properties, but even that was neighborhood specific. Some parts of town even saw increases in larger properties.”

Robbins said overall, single-family homes in Anchorage averaged a .1 percent increase in value. He said the figure does not include new construction. Data from his office shows townhouses, minus new construction, took the biggest jump in value at 3.4 percent, while, upper-range, multi-residential condos showed the biggest decline by 3.7 percent.

Robbins said people who disagree with their assessments have several options including filing an appeal. He recommends homeowners go to to make sure the description of their property is accurate. He said people could call the assessor’s office at 907-343-6770 or visit City Hall with questions. More often than not, he said, disputes can be resolved without ever having to go through an official appeal process.

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