When Pam Johnson, her partner, Josh Yates, and their two kids moved from Juneau to Anchorage so she could go to school, she didn’t count on another mouth to feed.

“I didn’t know I was pregnant until I moved here, so I didn’t budget it into my budget to have a baby,” Johnson said.

Her pregnancy left the family strapped for cash, so they turned to the PATHway Family Center for help.

The Christian nonprofit, located at 639 W. International Airport Rd., provides clothing and support services to roughly 600 families every month.

“We don’t have any eligibility requirements, we don’t do means testing. We’re open to the public,” director Rexann Bassler said. “Everyone is welcome no matter where they live, no matter their economic situation.”

Bassler started the organization 11 years ago with her friend, Ann Pilch. Their goal was to spread the word of God, while helping people in need.

For $2, people can fill up two bags once a month. Diapers are free — the center gives out more than 3,000 every month.

“We haven’t run out in a while, but that’s because people continue to donate,” Bassler said. “If you really want to help, the sizes that are most in need are fives and sixes and Pull-Ups even.”

She said they’re always in need of more donations: clothing of all sizes, diapers and socks for the homeless people who pop in.

“You can imagine what a clean pair of socks means for someone,” Bassler said.

The community’s generosity ensures families like Johnson’s won’t go without.

“It’s nice to have extra help, especially moving to a new environment, I feel like it’s important to have support services like this,” Johnson said.

Donations can be dropped off Monday through Thursday from noon to 5 p.m.

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