Chuck Freedman and his dog Paris love to kayak on the waters of Southcentral Alaska.

On Monday, they were enjoying Resurrection Bay, out of Seward. Chuck captured the paddling adventure on camera as Paris acknowledged each whale spout in the distance.

As time went on, the whales got closer and closer.

“All of a sudden I start seeing the birds fly over and I saw the bubbling and it’s like oh no, here it comes,” said Chuck Freedman.

Before they knew it, they were in the middle of a pod of whales bubble feeding in the bay. Chuck braced for impact.

“The one that really went up out of the water, I actually felt that on my neck, just like the whoosh of air,” said Freedman. “My first thought was I hope somebody got that on film.”

And someone did. Two major marine cruise ships were in the water at the time.

While whale watching, they saw Chuck and Paris on their adventure. When the whales came up out of the water, screams could be heard across the boat. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. Samantha Linsk works for Major Marine Tours and captured the moment on film.

It was split second on an Alaskan adventure they could have never anticipated but is now forever caught on film.

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