Fish and Game spokesman Ken Marsh says they are no longer looking for a bear with two cubs that mauled three young people Wednesday on a trail near the Eagle River Campground.

The trail was closed after the incident and remained so Thursday evening.

Marsh said biologists spent several hours looking for the bear Wednesday without any luck. A homeowner in the area reported seeing the bear later that evening heading upriver. Marsh said it appears she has left the area.

The bear sent two young adults and a teenager to the hospital. Biologists interviewed some of the victims and say from what they can tell, the mother bear acted in self-defense.

“She reacted defensively by neutralizing the threat which would mean swatting people who were standing,” said Marsh. “Once they’re down, she feels the threat has been neutralized. She grabs the cubs and off they go. And that’s generally a one-time thing, it’s not something a bear is likely to do again and that is something we take into consideration.”

Little information was released on Thursday about the victims. All three were taken to the hospital Wednesday with what were described as non-life-threatening injuries.