Eagle River is losing one of the few Blockbuster stores left in the state.

Customers lined up to buy stacks of movies Thursday during the start of a blow-out sale. The sale will last through July.

General manager Kevin Daymude says whatever is left in the store, is available for customers to purchase. Daymude says the movie rental business has held on in Alaska for a lot longer than other states, but the tough economy has had a negative impact.

“The economy is a huge benefactor for any kind of business,” he said. “Not just for the rental business, but for all kinds of businesses.”

Hunter Wise says he’s sad to lose a staple in the community.

“I’ve been coming here since I was 12 or 13,” he said. “Just grabbing snacks, or my mom would bring me movies and stuff from out here. Kind of sad to see it go.”

Any customers who currently have rentals from the store must still return their movies by the due date.