The Anchorage Police Department and the NTSB are responding to a float plane crash in West Anchorage Sunday afternoon.

APD sent an alert, warning the public of a float plane that went down in the area of 35th Avenue and Wisconsin Street. Police ask the public to avoid the area to allow emergency vehicles access.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says the engine on the Cessna 180, on floats, died; it hit a tree, light pole, a home and a shed before landing on the street at Orion Circle and Milky Way Drive.

According to Noreen Price, aviation accident investigator with the NTSB, the certificated airline transport pilot, took off North from the Lake Hood Seaplane Base. He noticed "flap issues", so he turned back around and that’s when his engine quit.

“There is not a whole lot of time when you lose an engine at low altitude, so I’m sure that he did the best that he could in choosing a possible landing site, but the airplane just simply won’t stay airborne,” Price said. “We all train for those type of scenarios but having a real one is very different than training.”

Michael O’Shea, who lives nearby, said he was looking out a window when he heard the engine die.

“Then all of a sudden it went dead quiet,” O’Shea Said. “About that time, I looked out the window, again I didn’t see anything, and then I heard a crash, right? No explosion.”

Another neighbor, Mark Groeschel, said he was outside working in his yard when it happened.

“It just dropped right there. He didn’t skid another 10 feet into the neighbor’s garage, he could have driven it right into their garage,” said Groeschel.

Anchorage Fire Department said the pilot was alone and nobody was home at the time of the crash.

The pilot only received minor injuries, according to the NTSB. Nobody else was hurt.

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