The Mountain View neighborhood is growing. Habitat for Humanity broke ground on an empty lot that will have a three-bedroom home come next spring.

The specific homeowner has not been chosen yet, but, it has been narrowed down to five families.

All of the material for the home and most of the labor is donated, but, the future homeowner is required to put in their own sweat equity– hours they put toward Habitat for Humanity.

They can do this by helping build their own home, helping with someone else’s or by doing other tasks, such as cleaning up the build site, according to Habitat for Humanity’s website.

“They are putting their own time and energy into their own house, and then at the very conclusion, we do a celebration and they’re moving in,” Elaine Phillips, Habitat for Humanity Anchorage’s executive director, said. “You hear the joy and the laughter, and it is such an amazing thing to see families obtain their hopes and dreams by home ownership.”

This house is one of four Habitat for Humanity is building in the next year. To date, they have built about 100 homes and fixed-up a dozen.