Jessica Clark says the people who helped her with her medical emergency, were likely the ones who drove off with her car.

“I’m just grateful they took me to the hospital when they did,” she said.

Clark said she pulled over late Tuesday night near Boniface Parkway when she started to realize she needed medical help.

“I felt my hands go numb,” she said.

Clark provided this picture of her vehicle. She said it is the black Subaru Forester in the middle. / Courtesy: Jessica Clark

Clark said she turned on her caution lights and honked her horn for a while. She started to feel her hands form into fists and knew she could no longer drive her car. She says two men and one woman stopped to help her, with two of them getting into her 2014 black Subaru Forester and then driving her to a local hospital.

Anchorage Police say a call came in about a vehicle theft at a hospital Wednesday morning. Clark said she reached out to police after she was discharged when she realized her car wasn’t left in the hospital’s parking lot.

“I had a friend come by and drive through all the parking garages and drive through the parking lots to see if my car was there and it wasn’t,” she said.

Clark said her car has a dent on the passenger side’s front door, with broken molding on the black hatchback door and stickers on it. The license plate number is GRE141. She says while she hasn’t fully lost her faith in people, she wishes the ones who helped her, finished the good deed they started.

“I thought they were really good people,” she said. “But, turns out they weren’t. Perhaps they weren’t. I don’t know.”

She says friends are helping her with transportation, but she just wants her car back. She hopes her experience can also serve as a reminder for others.

“Don’t be too trusting with people in emergency situations,” she said.

Numbers presented to Assembly members during last week’s public safety committee meeting, show so far this year, 92 percent of stolen cars have been recovered, with an average of $193 worth of damage to returned vehicles.

A spokesperson for the Anchorage Police Department says the case is still ongoing.