The main goal of the memorial at Hostetler Park is to remember victims of violence — and it is being renovated to make that even easier.

The downtown park is tucked away on the curve of Third Avenue where it turns into L Street.

These days, it isn’t hidden by trees, but is open and a construction site — soon to be finished. Today, the last pillars were put in the ground.

Today, the last pillars were put in the ground.

“We are reconstructing the new monument itself to add names and also beautify the park,” said Paula Bradison, who is with Downtown Rotary. “So, today is a big day. It’s a benchmark day.”

The pillars will bare the names of about 350 victims of violent crimes.

“The sad thing about homicide in our community is that it happens 12 months a year,” Bradison said. “Right now there is a good three to four months that you couldn’t get to the memorial and now, going forward, you will be able to year round.”

Bradison likes the idea of having a memorial that isn’t in a cemetery. ”

“[It] means a lot to the victims’ families to come and have a moment of peace and a place that is more of light and remembrance than it is of mourning,” she said.

The renovation is expected to be finished by the end of the weekend, however, the names will not be put up for another few weeks.

Most of the money for the memorial was raised and donated through Downtown Rotary and other citizens, but there was also a $10,000 grant.