Warmer-than-normal temperatures continued in much of Alaska for the month of July. According to the National Weather Service, the statewide temperature index has been warmer than normal for the majority of the last six weeks.


Anchorage recorded warmer than average temperatures on 17 days in July, with the month coming in as the 13th warmest July on record. The average temperature was 60.2 degrees, 1.4 degrees above the norm of 58.8 degrees. The warmest temperature of both the month and the year so far was 76 degrees recorded on July 23. There were seven other days during the month that reached at least 70 degrees.

Temperatures also continued to run well above normal on the North Slope. The average temperature in Utqiagvik for July came in at 46.0 degrees, well above the normal July average of 40.9 degrees. This makes July 2017 the warmest July since record-keeping for temperatures began in 1921. The warmest temperature of the month at the Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport was 68 degrees on July 29, but there were eight other days with temperatures in the 60s.



The most recent three-month temperature outlook issued by the Climate Prediction Center calls for a 40-50 percent chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures continuing in Alaska through August, September, and October.