Crews along a 15-mile stretch of the Dalton Highway have been working to clear overflow from the Sag River, which is reportedly up to three feet deep in some locations.

On their website Wednesday, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities announced the closure of the Dalton Highway between Mile 393 and Deadhorse while crews work to remove ice and snow from the road and assist drivers whose vehicles have gotten stuck.

“For the past three weeks, ADOT&PF crews have been battling overflow from the Sag River, from milepost 390-405, to keep the road open,” the announcement stated. “On Monday night, a storm blew in, and with zero visibility, crews were not able to continue working.”

Crews have since been able to return to the area and have begun placing berms along the roadway to prevent further flooding.

The road is expected to reopen by Thursday night, weather permitting, according to the ADOT&PF website.