A Washington artist is giving back to Kenai families who lost their home in the earthquake.

Katie Zamudio is a graphic designer by day, coloring book artist by night.

About a year ago she started Doodlebug Coloring Books for adults. Her goal is to create iconic, intricately designed drawings for each state.

She started with Alaska and was going to release her prints online the same weekend the 7.1 earthquake hit.

Zamudio said she’s never visited the Last Frontier but recently had some friends move to Kenai.

She decided to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from her Alaska coloring books to families impacted by the quake.

“I thought well maybe I can do something to help people in that community my friends may know. It was kind of random that I chose to do Alaska the week prior to the earthquake happening,” Zaumdio said.

The set of digital prints is available online for $12. Zamudio is also working on a paperback book for people to purchase as well.