When you have a world-class piano it only makes sense to have a world-class musician test it out.

A viewer called KTVA to tell us Classic Pianos, in Government Hill, had its first ever Bosendorfer piano. It’s hand-made in Austria and retails for $125,000.

Lithuanian musician Edvinas Minkstimas happened to be in Anchorage for a performance at the Recital Hall at UAA.

We asked him to meet us at the showroom to put on a small performance before his big concert.

“Piano is such a rich instrument. It enables you to play anything from Beatles to Bach,” he said. “It’s like having an orchestra at your finger tips.”

Minkstimas has been playing since he was four years old. He’s classically trained but dabbles in a bit of everything.

“I’m working on including music from video games and movies because they’re relevant,” he said, as he finished playing the iconic “Peanuts” theme song. “That’s the time we live in and it’s wonderful because there are so many ways music reaches people and listeners.”

The Bosendorfer piano is a first for Classic Pianos, which is Alaska’s only show room. Owner Trish Allen said it was an incredible experience to listen to Minkstimas perform.

“He’s very, very good and he made this piano sound beautiful. He called it rich,” Allen smiled.

Minkstimas said he’s a “Steinway artist,” but was happy to find a Bosendorfer caliber instrument in Alaska.

“I hope it finds a wonderful home,” he said.

The piano won’t be in Anchorage long. It’s not a done deal quite yet, but it seems the piano might be headed to a church in Dillingham.