Double Shovel looks like your average brewery, but there’s a fruity twist in their tanks.

“The juice goes in this first then we pitch the yeast, then it gets to work and eats all the sugars up and turns it into a nice, dry cider,” co-owner Galen Jones explained.

The cider company is just getting production going, sending out its first commercial kegs this week. They’ll also be at the first ever Alaska Crafted festival in downtown Anchorage this weekend to showcase their apple-derived alcohol.

Jones said the goal is to bridge the gap between bitter beers and sweet, fruity wines to come up with the best of both worlds; their Forget-Me-Hopped is sort of the cider-version of an IPA.

“After the cider is done we carbonate it, add a little back sweetening into it and then we put hops into a big bag and let it soak for a little while,” Jones said.

It’s not just local liquors and beers you’ll find at Alaska Crafted. Teetotalers who want the fizz without the buzz now have a draft option too, thanks to Zip Kombucha.

“I like to explain it that it’s a probiotic iced tea,” said co-owner Jessie Janes.

Like many home brewers, Janes started making it in small batches before seeing a bigger demand.

“We were going through five gallons a week. Our friends were stopping by to pick up growlers,” he said.

Now the Plain Jane kombucha is on tap at Organic Oasis where he gives out free samples to get the word out about his unique teas.

“This one is blueberry Mary, it’s got blueberry juice added to the end,” Janes said, pouring the pink tea into Dixie cups.

Both Zip Kombucha and Double Shovel want to give people more options to buy local.

“I’ve always been one that buys Alaska products to try to support the state and grow our economy,” said Jack Lau, co-owner of Double Shovel. “That’s the coolest part is this Alaskan thing, for Alaskans. What can we make? What can we do here, what can we grow?”

Alaska Crafted Festival: Thirsty for Adventure

  • Saturday, May 21

  • Humpy’s Outdoor Venue (7th & F St.)

  • Time: 5 p.m.

  • Tickets: $70 Advanced / $60 Buddy Pass / $30 Designated Driver

For ticket information, click here.

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