Two members of the Colony High School marching band are heading south to perform in the Tournament of Roses’ Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.Catrina Carte and her tuba

Tuba and sousaphone player Catrina Carte says she been practicing songs the parade for nearly a year. She’s one of nearly 300 students from around the country selected to play with the American Honor Band.

Carte says she loves marching band and is excited to meet other passionate musicians.

This will be Carte’s second time performing in the Rose Parade, but this time her instrument is much bigger.

“The parade route is six miles and I have to carry a 40-pound sousaphone,” Carte said. “I have to work out a lot in order to be able to carry that for six miles without falling over and then I have to memorize music.”

Colony High senior, Lunia Oriel, was also selected to march in the Rose Parade with the America Honor Band.

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