For many musicians, performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City is one of the highest honors. Anchorage Christian Schools junior Jaelyn Singleton will have a chance to take the prestigious stage this weekend.

She’s one of three high school students from Alaska selected for the Honor Performance series.

“It’s honoring and humbling for me to be able to go,” Singleton said.

For her, music is a way to bring people together.

“I love how it can connect your emotions with other people’s emotions,” she said. “You can really open up yourself to other people and have them experience what you’re experiencing.”

The 16-year-old sings alto and soprano in the school’s concert choir. Music director Janna Leight has been Singleton’s teacher since fourth grade.

“She’s very precise, very accurate,” Leight said. “She assists the other students around her making sure they’re singing accurately as well.”

Singleton comes from a musical family. He father inspired her to take up singing and the two perform together in their church’s praise team. Her three siblings are also following in her footsteps.

“My mother cannot sing,” she laughed.

Singleton credits her teacher with helping her get to New York. Leight said it was always a dream of hers, too, to perform at Carnegie Hall.

“To see one of my students get to fulfill one of my own dreams is really exciting,” Leight said. “It might be overwhelming but Jaelyn is actually, even for her young age of 16, is very professional so she’ll be able to handle it while still being super excited inside.”

Viola player Carissa Lacy, also from Anchorage Christian Schools, and Eielson High School choir student Autumn Pryor will also perform at Carnegie Hall on Sunday, Feb. 5.

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