Painted rocks are popping up around East Anchorage and one woman is behind it.

Tracy Wilson has been painting rocks for 10 years. It is something her brother-in-law use to do before he passed away.

“When he passed, I just picked it up and started doing it,” Wilson said. “It’s a passion and a therapy.”

These rocks aren’t just about Wilson’s love for painting, it’s about promoting her booth at the Muldoon Farmers Market — where she sells more of her art.

Wilson hops on her bike at least once a day to hide a rock. For a month and a half, she has posted pictures to her Facebook page, Anchorage Randomactsofartness, of clues of where the rock can be found.

According to Wilson, it takes about a day to paint a rock depending on its size, and it only takes four hours on average for each rock to be found.

However, while KTVA’s crew was out talking to Wilson, Linda Miller found the rock less than five minutes after it had been placed.

“I was on the computer and I saw where she posted it,” Miller said. “My grandson is a bus driver, so we had to get it.”

Miller and Wilson have met before. Miller has found about seven of Wilson’s rocks.

The first time they met, Miller posted on the Anchorage Randomactsofartness Facebook page because she couldn’t find a rock hidden. Wilson wrote back and said she would check on the rock later.

“I go riding over there on my bike. It was like about an hour later,” Wilson said. “And here [Miller] is, sitting right on the bench and she’s watching me come up, and she looks at me and she goes, ‘Tracy?’ And I was like, ‘You caught me,'” Wilson said and then laughed.

Wilson says the benefit she gets from hiding rocks is the feedback.

“I had a lady post on my website the other day that said, ‘Oh, I just love how you spread happiness everywhere,’ and that to me is very fulfilling,” Wilson said. “I like the idea that I’m giving back to my community, and I’m doing something I love to do. And I like the fact that people love what I’m doing.”

According to the Muldoon Farmers Market website, it will be open at Begich Middle School Saturdays from June 24 to Sept. 23.

Vendor registration for 2017 is open now.