For Paul and Erika Piazza, coming to Alaska has been years in the making. The Argentinian couple, looking “north to the future,” took off on three years ago on a never-ending journey, culminating in their recent arrival in Anchorage.

“For us it was a dream you know, we grew up together, and we always speak and talk about going around the world and back packing, and all that stuff,” Paul Piazza explained. “Life was taking us in a direction you know — house, family, car, dog — so we thought we always wanted to backpack, so it was just about the perfect moment to hold on.”

So they sold everything and set off from Argentina on their trip to Alaska, documenting every stop on their website and on social media.

Since then, they’ve been to 15 countries in South America, all of the countries of Central America, Mexico, the western half of the United States and Canada.

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They said they have learned a few lessons along the way about each place and its people.

“We have been in Machu Picchu, we basically tried to go to all places with archaeological sites, and then tried to live with local natives, local people,” Paul Piazza said. “You have this image in your head, like what you see in the news, or how you expect the country to be according to movies, and that’s not accurate. You have to go and experience the country.”

The couple has taken their entire journey in a Volkswagen Bus they named Aurora.

“Made a bed, kitchen inside, all we have is in the bus right now, so that allows us to road trip, camp wherever,” Paul Piazza said. “Don’t spend money in hotels, or RV parks, anything like that, so all we basically need is fuel and food.”

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When they finally reached Alaska, 40,000 miles later, “it was kind of a double celebration, that mileage and reaching Alaska,” Erika Piazza said.

“I was telling Erika, ‘Welcome to Alaska! We made it!’ and I just kissed her and that come off, you know and it broke,” Paul Piazza laughed, pointing to a damaged mirror.

The couple said they have seen plenty of wildlife to greet them along the way through Alaska to Anchorage.

“We just saw like a few black bears, then we saw like moose, and then yesterday caribous,” Paul Piazza recalled.

The Piazzas said they plan to travel to Homer to do some exploring before heading back south to continue their journey to the east coast.