City gardeners spent Wednesday morning planting an Anchorage landmark.

The L-Street mystery garden features a new design every year and the subject is top secret until the blooms reveal the new image.

This summer, the floral mural is made of nearly 900 bright orange marigolds and 3,500 purple alyssums.

Even when they’re done with their work, muni gardeners still won’t tell you what it’s supposed to be, only that it’s something they’ve been working on for quite some time.

“All of our designs are done two years in advance, so, in 2015 we were talking about this design,” Gardener Roman Rubio said. “We grow everything that you see here and in all of our other beds from seed and we start them in about January.”

You’ll find the mystery garden driving south from downtown Anchorage on Minnesota Drive, just after 15th Avenue.