A year after she was shot in the wing, an eagle is back up and soaring through Alaska skies.

Thursday, members of the local Wounded Warrior Project let 5-year-old Caliber back into the wild near Potter Marsh. The veterans’ involvement was fitting, said Karen Higgs, a volunteer veterinarian with Bird TLC.

“I think it will be really exciting for those participants,” she said.

Caliber was shot in the wing last June in King Salmon. Bird TLC, a local nonprofit, took in the bird and nursed her back to health.

Workers say it took more than a year of bandages and wound management to heal the wing. They say it felt good to wrong a right done by another human.

“It took a lot of time for this bird to recuperate, so this one is a little extra special for me,” Higgs said. “This is a bird that was injured by a human and we were able to step in and correct that mishap.”

So far this year, Bird TLC has already nursed 25 eagles back to health. In 2008, they saw 82 eagles at the clinic.