The rut has begun.

On Friday, Bill Tyra and his son, Josh, captured two moose duking it out in the Goldenview Park subdivision in South Anchorage.

“My son and I had front row seats,” says Tyra, who first captured the video above from behind a vehicle then moved to a nearby ledge.

The rut, the season for moose mating, begins at the end of summer and peaks in early autumn.

“Behaviors emerge that have been dormant for the past year as moose engage in rituals related solely to reproduction,” according to the National Park Service. “Their uneventful lives quickly become hectic as bulls compete for breeding rights and cows seek out mating overtures from bulls.”

In Tyra’s video, the two moose duke it out from one side of the street to the other, before eventually going their separate ways.

NPS says the bull moose are well-equipped to fight and “during the rut, the neck muscles of bull moose expand to twice their normal size.”

More information on behaviors associated with moose rutting is available here.

Take a look at the full video below.