“It’s now as easy as ‘a, ch, g’ to type Iñupiaq on your iPhone,” say the creators of a new app that provides an Achagat-based keyboard.

Named after the Iñupiatan alphabet, the Achagat keyboard was created by two brothers, Reid and Grant Magdanz.

“My brother approached me this fall and asked if I knew anything about keyboard development for an iPhone,” Grant Magdanz explained. “I had spent some time this summer learning iOS development, and it sounded like a very do-able project.”

The app allows users to download a keyboard they can switch to while texting, sending an email or using any other text-based application on their phone.

The app is available on the iTunes app store, but so far has not been made available for Android users, something the brothers hope to change.

“We would like to see an Android version come out,” he explained. “We’ve thought about trying to expand this to other Alaska Native languages.”