Updated at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The creator of the “Stubbs Mayor Cat” has come forward, following an outcry on social media regarding a Facebook post reporting the death of Talkeetna’s honorary mayor.

In a Facebook post late Monday evening, Martin McCullough admitted to starting the page and apologized for the fake post, but said it did not originate from him.

He also said he plans to delete the Facebook page in the near future. Fans have responded with messages of support, asking him not to delete the page. Read McCullough’s full post below:

stubbs response

Original Story:

Talkeetna’s Mayor Stubbs is alive and well, his owner confirmed after reports of his passing began circulating through social media.

A Facebook page “Stubbs Mayor Cat” purported Stubbs, a cat unofficially named mayor of Talkeetna more than 15 years ago, had died Monday. A call to his owner, Stephanie Enders, quashed the rumor less than an hour after it appeared.

“He’s alive and well, and we can’t get all of the fake pages off Facebook,” she said in a text message to KTVA.

Less than 40 minutes after the post went live, it had been shared more than 450 times, reacted to more than 1,700 times and the post had over 300 comments.

The official Mayor Stubbs Twitter account tweeted the following Monday afternoon:

Enders said she doesn’t know who runs the fake Facebook page. Stubbs has a real Facebook page his fans can follow for official updates. Because Stubbs is a cat, Facebook doesn’t protect his rights. And because the fan page listed him as a government official, Enders said she can’t get them to take it down.

“You post on social media about Stubbs, and within minutes there’s thousands of people who have commented or shared or liked. So this kind of thing gets out so fast and you can’t even screech the brakes enough to stop it,” she said.

She said while he’s 19-years-old, and not as active as he once was, Stubbs still has a few lives left to live.

“He’s getting older and inevitably [it] will probably happen someday, but today is not that day and he is super fine,” Enders said.

When KTVA visited him Monday evening, he was up, meowing and walking around greeting customers at Nagley’s General Store.

Daniella Rivera contributed to this report. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.