Summer means humpback whales have returned to Alaska to feed. Whale sightings have already made national news this year; the most recent in Alaska’s Knudson Cove near Ketchikan.

LaVon Gall lives in Chenega Bay, Alaska — a small island community in Prince William Sound with a population of 76, according to recent census data. Sunday, Gall and her family experienced an up-close encounter with a humpback whale feeding on salmon fry near their home.

“We usually see them, but we don’t see them up close,” Gall said during a phone conversation Tuesday.

She said the whale was feeding near the dock for about an hour. Her family was close enough to smell the air from the whale’s blowhole.

“It’s really gross. It stinks so bad,” said Gall.

She was also able to pull off a pretty amazing whale selfie. How many people can say they’ve done that?

whale selfie LaVon Gall