On a sunny Saturday in summer, you’ll find people come together over food.

“We came out to get some fresh vegetables and have some Russian food and just enjoy the atmosphere,” Sheryl Sotelo said while attending the Spenard Farmers Market.

Like many others, Sotelo was surprised to see just how many fresh vegetables are available at the market so early in the season. Theo Koppenberg of Simple Living Farm gives credit to mother nature. The mild winter and warm spring put his crops ahead of schedule.

“It means a lot, two weeks. For a lot of things, that’s a whole other crop or two,” Koppenberg said.

Across town at the Anchorage Market and Festival on 15th Avenue and Cordova Street, Arctic Organics was also able to bring vegetables to market weeks earlier. Owner Sarah Bean says all this warm weather is good for growing, but it can get too hot. Last year, she lost a good chunk of her potatoes because there wasn’t enough water.

“We learned you have to be ready with some water irrigation options and this year, we are,” Bean said.

At the Saturday farmers markets, the big sellers were leafy greens and perennials, according to vendors.

It’s impossible to know what the rest of summer holds, but farmers say it’s off to a good start.

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