Thursday turned out to be the warmest day in Anchorage so far this year, with some temperatures in Southcentral Alaska creeping into the 80s.

Some people might say it was downright hot, but yoga instructor Paula Cerda said there is just something about a sunny day that’s good for your soul. Cerda teaches free yoga in the park each week during Alaska Pacific University’s farmers market. She said Alaska weather doesn’t get much better than it did Thursday.

“I think it helps you realize the community that you’re a part of, what your role is, helping yourself and being gentle with yourself,” Cerda said.

Down the road at Goose Lake Park, things were a little less Zen and a lot more sandy.

“It’s too hot for me. It’s just too hot,” Sara Cannon said while playing at the beach with family.

The park was crowded with people sunbathing and starting water fights. On-duty lifeguards said it’s been one of the busiest days of the season. But the fact is, its warm out. Cannon said she plans to enjoy the weather now because cooler temperatures are on the way.

Thursday’s high didn’t break the record for June 16, set last year when it hit 83 degrees at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, but it was much warmer than on the same day in 1978 when it only warmed up into the low 50s.

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