The Anchorage Police Department issued a statement Sunday in the wake of “overwhelming” support for the department following last week’s fatal Dallas shooting:

“From the bottom of our hearts – thank you. All police employees, regardless if they are sworn or non-sworn, have been overwhelmingly touched by the vast amount of support we have received from our community in the last few days. From the Facebook messages, to the delivered flowers, to the phone calls – it all means so much to know you back the blue.

Patrol officers are being stopped on the streets by people who want to express their gratitude. The officers working the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River this weekend have spent the majority of their time shaking hands and having incredible face-to-face interactions with the public. Dispatchers are receiving calls from people who are reaching out for the sole purpose of thanking us. It’s crazy amazing.

What is even more powerful, is that before the horrible tragedy in Texas took place, we were already regularly receiving messages of support from all of you. The Dallas shooting simply magnified all of your generosity towards us.

We pledge to continue to do our best every day. To apply the law equally among all we come in contact with, to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and to work alongside you. We cannot successfully do our job without you – and you have gone above and beyond to show us that we don’t have to.”