A local roofing company said most Anchorage residents don’t need to start shoveling their roofs yet, or worry too much about the snow load.

Jason Dial, with Rain Proof Roofing, said in most circumstances, the company recommends shoveling when snow reaches a height of about 32 inches. He said most people in Anchorage still have a foot or more to go.

According to Anchorage municipal code, roofs must be able to withstand at least 40 pounds per square foot of weight. Dial said he’s been measuring the snow load on his own roof since the weekend and it was less than 20 pounds per square foot.

But there are some homeowners who may want to consider shoveling sooner rather than later, according to Dial. He said homes that have a lot of icicles can indicate a problem with drainage. He said melting snow, usually caused by poor insulation, gets trapped behind an ice dam. With nowhere to go, the water enters the roof and could cause leaks inside. Dial said clearing snow on those homes is a good proactive measure.

Dial said he’s not worried about the situation now, but he is concerned about the forecast for rain later this week. Dial said rain could be a game changer, potentially causing serious problems. He said snow that’s light and fluffy now may get wet, freeze and turn heavy very quickly. He said what’s easy to remove right now might be very difficult to remove later if that happens.

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