North Pole photographer Sean Kurdziolek specializes in taking stunning photos of the aurora borealis with clients.

He described his process in a 2016 series KTVA produced called “Chasing the Lights.

On an outing with clients Monday, he captured a vivid display of aurora corona dancing overhead in real-time. The display occurred around 1 a.m., according to Kurdziolek.

He said it was the best show he’s seen all season, a season that will soon end as the daylight grows longer.

“The corona is considered the most spectacular form of a rayed aurora, appearing overhead with all shafts converging to a center point,” according to a report from NASA.

“Preserving the Aurora Borealis through my lens gives me the opportunity to be out in nature and witnessing all its beauty,” Kurdziolek wrote on his website.

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