Katelin Richards gets a different challenge every time she steps on the golf course.

“Right now, my short game, my chipping and putting has been off,” said the 15-year-old player.

Richards and other junior golfers ventured onto the Anchorage Golf Course to improve their game. They also received some first rate help.

Janet Anderson won the 1982 Women’s U.S. Open title. Her first trip to Alaska included the inaugural LPGA Legends Pro Am. The lessons went beyond posture, grip and reading a putt.

“Competition can be fun, it doesn’t have to be a difficult, grueling thing,” Anderson told KTVA Sports. “You approach it in the right way, have some fun with it, and it’s going to be with you for life.”

The course’s teaching professional, Peggy Gustafson, created the tournament.

“Golf is a game you can play for your whole life, so, getting them exposed to something we only have a four-and-half month, five month period,” said Gustafson.

Each group in the tournament features a junior player. Those are the ones organizers targeted when they the event was born.

Anderson isn’t the only former pro up here. Shelley Hamlin won four LPGA tournaments.

“It’s the way to grow the game, and to me, getting kids started so they enjoy the game and they’re good at it, those make it so it will be a lifelong thing,” said Hamlin

As for these junior golfers, the seeds have been planted.